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I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a miracle that I am here. My mother had a very difficult time trying to have a family, suffering multiple miscarriages. My older sister was born in 1971 and after that, my mother was pregnant with my brother Ryan who sadly was delivered stillborn in 1974 after learning that the doctor inserted the needle too far while checking the amniotic fluid. My mother had another miscarriage or two after that and was told not to try any more as she was high risk. Well, she became pregnant with me and I was born 2 months premature weighing only 4 lbs. As my Dad tells me all the time, I could fit head to toe in the palm of his hand. My Mom calls me her miracle baby. My Dad was an engineer but mainly worked in sales in the material handling/conveyor industry for over 40 years. We lived in Louisville, outside of Atlanta, and since 1986, in Northern Kentucky. My Dad played basketball at Evansville with Jerry Sloan. He played against some NBA legends and despite being on 6’1” had to guard Walt Frazier who was 6’4” and Cassie Russell who was 6’5”, who also took my Dad baseline dunking on him. My Mom worked for Kentucky Job Services helping people with interviewing skills and applications to find employment. She also was elected to the School Board and had the privilege of handing me my high school diploma at graduation. My Mom’s most proud moment was, while serving on local city council, getting a business owner who was trying to bribe several officials in order to get a piece of property to develop to fully fund and build a new baseball/softball field for the community after putting him on the spot during a public meeting. I became interested in law while taking a Public Speaking course at Murray State University. My small group professor recommended that I try out for the Speech & Debate Team. I took her advice, made the team, and for the next two years competed nationally while getting a partial scholarship. Then in the Summer of 1997 before my Junior year of college, I was hired as a law clerk at a small Plaintiff’s firm back home. They taught me everything you would want to know about personal injury, case selection, working up a case, taking depositions, preparing for trial and taking cases to trial. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be a Plaintiff’s trial attorney

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Jay Vaughn · Ed Ciarimboli

Bring Your File

Participants will have an opportunity to work on whatever challenges they are having on their trucking case in a small group setting.

"Jay has been a generous resource for trucking. Between the autopsies he has already done in past CLEs, to the workshop I had the pleasure of doing at TLU Vegas, he breaks down what needs to be done in a trucking case without making you feel like a lesser attorney for not knowing. The workshops are a great way to see “how the sausage is made” and he provides practical and valuable tips for your case that you can plug in right away. You also benefit from getting to hear what to do on the other participants’ case. Highly recommended!"

-Tarun B. Rana, Esq.
Rana Law Group
St. Louis, Missouri

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