Robert T. Simon

The Simon Law Group

Robert T. Simon is a co-founder of the Simon Law Group — aka Justice Team — and acts as the primary trial attorney. Since launching the firm with his twin brother/wombmate/best friend, Brad Simon, in late 2009, it has grown from a boutique office with just a few people into an 9-figure annual practice recognized by its peers throughout the Country, with offices in California, Arizona, and Texas. He has also been admitted by courts in Massachusetts, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New York to handle large death cases caused by commercial carriers, an area of focus and national notoriety.

He grew up in Pittsburgh as the oldest of 5 (tied!), and the son of a loving UPS truck driver and a nurturing stay-at-home mom. It has always been his dream to work with his brothers — Brad and Brandon. Is is growing up in the trucking world that Robert knows so much, and is passionate about, trucking & bus crashes.

When he was a kid, his uncle was suddenly struck by a drunk driver and lost the use of his legs. This accident forever shifted Robert’s career trajectory. He made it his mission to fight for the injured and the less fortunate. He is known for getting massive verdicts on spine injury cases.

He has won Trial Lawyer of the Year several times, as voted on by his peers, in many geographic areas. He speaks on a monthly basis educating other lawyers on best practices and how to achieve the best results for their clients.

Presenting Damages in Spinal Trials

Presenting Damages in Spinal Trials

Bring damages to life. We will focus on sharing our approach to capturing the client story and presenting it at trial. From utilizing demonstratives, medical timelines, symbolic photos, and medical debt charts, to other techniques. Learn how all of the pieces come together in presenting a full damages story.

Voir Dire in Spine Cases

Voir Dire in Spine Cases

Learn about the most important topics to cover in jury selection on spine cases. Be prepared with the specific questions that will arm your case for success. Learn common traps to avoid in protecting your record as you move through jury selection.

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