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I was born and raised in Seattle, WA and my Pacific Northwest roots run deep. Growing up, I loved everything about Seattle except the rain. I spent my short but sunny summers jumping rope (Double Dutch) with my cousins in the driveway, lip-synching in the bathroom mirror and winning dance battles on my front porch. When not bossing my six brothers around, I read books (mostly literature). My favorite place to sit is in the sun. I prefer sitting on the grass than on chairs. I love blackberries and will eat them, unwashed, right off the vine without any shame. For years, my favorite musical group was Boyz II Men and I still get chills when I hear Whitney Houston’s voice. When not trying cases, I enjoy spending time with family, trying new foods, exploring Spotify, texting my tribe and reading.

Framing Your Loss of Consortium Damages Story Workshop

Framing Your Loss of Consortium Damages Story Workshop

Ibiere will work with partipants on finding, telling, and teaching the jury the VALUE of the loss to the uninjured spouse in the relationship. Participants should attend Ibiere’s LOC lecture. There will be two zoom workshops to prepare.

For Better or Worse: Making the Case for Loss of Consortium

For Better or Worse: Making the Case for Loss of Consortium

Join us at Trial Lawyers University for a compelling discussion led by esteemed trial lawyer, Ibiere Seck, as she delves into the intricate realm of "Loss of Consortium" cases. In this illuminating session, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the strategic nuances of structuring, trying, and winning cases centered around Loss of Consortium claims.

Loss of Consortium cases present unique challenges and opportunities for trial lawyers seeking justice for their clients. Ibiere Seck, known for her expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes, will guide attendees through the key components of these cases, from inception to resolution. Participants will learn essential strategies for crafting persuasive arguments, preparing witnesses, and effectively advocating for damages.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in the courtroom, Ibiere Seck will share practical tips and tactics for maximizing the strength of Loss of Consortium claims. Attendees will explore successful case structures, examine tactics for presenting compelling evidence, and learn how to artfully articulate the impact of loss on personal relationships.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Loss of Consortium Cases: Explore the legal framework and key considerations inherent in Loss of Consortium claims.
  • Structuring Your Case: Learn how to strategically organize evidence and arguments to build a compelling narrative for the jury.
  • Trying Your Case: Gain insights into courtroom strategies and techniques for effectively presenting your case to a jury.
  • Witness Preparation: Discover best practices for preparing witnesses to testify convincingly and authentically.
  • Arguing Damages: Master the art of advocating for fair and just compensation for Loss of Consortium damages.

This session promises to equip trial lawyers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of Loss of Consortium cases with confidence and effectiveness. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's leading experts and elevate your practice to new heights.

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