Gary A. Dordick

Dordick Law Corporation

Gary A. Dordick of Dordick Law Corporation is a trial attorney specializing in plaintiff jury trials and has over 150 Jury trials in his career. Mr. Dordick went directly from high school to law school, never attending college. He put himself through a four-year night program while working at a law office, where he started as a file room clerk. Immediately after passing the bar, Mr. Dordick opened his own law firm, starting out with no employees. Now, Dordick Law Corporation has three locations, 56 employees, and 18 lawyers, including his three kids, Michelle, Dylan, and Taylor, as associate lawyers. Mr. Dordick is also on the executive board of the ABOTA Los Angeles chapter and will be The ABOTA President in 2025. He is an Emeritus member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) Board of Governors and was just inducted into the Hall of Fame on June 8, 2023. He won CAALA’s Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2001. He has been nominated for CAALA’s Trial Lawyer of the Year an unprecedented eleven times. He is CAOC’s (Consumer Attorneys of California) 2009 Trial Attorney of the Year. He was announced one of the Daily Journal’s Top 100 Lawyers in California in 2017, 2021, and 2022 as well as one of the Daily Journal’s Top Plaintiff Lawyers in California for 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

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