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I was born in Orange County California. When I was 4 years old my family moved to Bothell, Washington (a town 25 minutes North of Seattle) and that is where I remained until I left for college. During high school I played sports and worked for a furniture company assembling and delivering furniture. I attended a small private college in Santa Barbara called Westmont College. I graduated with a degree in Biology, and in between studying I focused on learning how to surf. After graduation I lived near the beach in Carpinteria, and I worked in Research and Development for a medical device company. I eventually transitioned to working in sales when I moved to Connecticut. In Connecticut I worked as medical sales rep and worked on my golf game while my wife attended graduate school. Eventually, I realized my calling and attended Pepperdine Law School where, upon graduation, I was hired by the Parris Law Firm. I have been at the Parris Law Firm ever since. I have been married for 23 years and have 3 kids (16, 14, 11). I enjoy going to the beach with the family, surfing, and water skiing. As the kids are getting older I am hoping to start golfing with them.

Jason FowlerDaniel Eli
Jason Fowler · Daniel Eli

Understanding Bad Faith and Breaches of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

  • Policy Limit Demands – How and when to make them
  • Examples of Effective Policy Limit Demands
  • Understanding California’s new statute governing Policy Limit Demands and how to comply
  • Interactive discussion regarding specific case examples of Open Limits cases
Jason FowlerDaniel Eli
Jason Fowler · Daniel Eli

What To Do When An Insurance Carrier Denies Coverage, Coverage Denial May Not Be The End, But Rather An Opportunity

  • How to identify opportunities in coverage denials
  • Understanding when a settlement is and is not reached and how to avoid the pitfalls when offering to settle and responding to Insurance Carriers
  • Avoiding the affirmative defense of settlement and defeating it when raised by the defense
  • Will discuss recent California law on settlement and how it applies to policy limit demands.

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