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Brian Breiter is a Miami Beach native who now lives in Los Angeles. Brian is the 4th of five kids and was practically raised on stage acting because his oldest sister was a drama teacher. He took this love of theater and acting and developed those skills over the years, particularly improvisation, and has incorporated them into every aspect of his law practice. Brian is also a die hard water polo player and has been playing competitively around the world with leagues and clubs since 1984. Brian is married to his beautiful wife Nonny and has two kids in college. Brian loves teaching other lawyers how to become better story tellers and communicators and would love to do a scene with you at TLU!

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Brian Breiter · Joseph Limbaugh

Improv for Trial

Learn How to Connect Using Improvisation for Trial Brian Breiter and Joseph Limbaugh will show you how to become proficient at adapting to unexpected or unplanned situations by leveraging situational awareness and listening skills.

Learn how to develop a greater awareness of non-verbal communication, body language and tone to facilitate a deeper connection and understanding of people.

Overcome stage fright and become comfortable and relaxed when speaking in front of groups of people and strangers. Apply comedy to connect with other people, communicate more entertainingly, and defuse situations.

Be more effective with Voir Dire, Direct and Cross examination, Opening and Closing arguments. Each of the following techniques will be applied to actual procedures used when preparing and trying a case for trial in a practical setting:

  • Stage Fright and Public Speaking
  • Basic Improvisational Technique
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Adapting to Unplanned Information and Failure
  • Status
  • Narrative Structure

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