Brett Schreiber

Singleton Schreiber Fearless Advocacy

Some may say they were born to be a trial lawyer. In my case I was born because of a trial. My dad was a public defender and was trying a capital murder case. Half way through the trial a new attractive young blonde court reporter took over the proceedings. My dad and the prosecutor made a bet on who could be the first to get a date with the new reporter. My dad won. And because of that bet you’re reading this bio. Growing up, talking about my dad’s latest murder trial was common conversation at the Case de Schreiber dinner table. It was ingrained in me early on that killing people to teach people that killing was wrong didn’t work. I also saw firsthand how the quality of the lawyer representing someone could have profound impact on the outcome of their case and by extension the outcome of their lives. When I was in first grade my mom suffered a massive brain aneurysm. She was never the same person but that didn’t keep us from continuing to have a fulfilling and loving relationship to this day. It’s not better or worse. Just different. Looking back I believe those experiences have been the North Stars guiding my career as a trial lawyer. What we do has the power to restore and to change the trajectory of someone’s life. But I think the greatest gift we often give our clients is our empathy. Our ability to understand and be present for them. I strive to do that – not always successfully – every day.

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